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i'm a judger, and i'm judging you: my response to a fb bully who was offended by  
a whale or a tale {or i guess tail}: where i decided i'd much rather be a whale.
oh snap!: where i mused on how i may or may not be pregnant. {spoiler alert: i was!}
breastfeeding rant, be prepared: i was annoyed at how many misconceptions there 
are about breastfeeding and how sabotage starts at 
the hospital.

for the babes
letters to the chub: dear austin...
my dear bellz: dear bella...
my kid is the coolest : that just happened.
my baby is a gangster : get her a chicken sandwich, with some waffles fries!
#momof2: oh, the hilarity!

pregnancy chronicles
baby makin' from scratch : how austin went from a longing to a reality.
baking baby b : journaling the greatest surprise there ever was.

worth checking out
when do you question : where i questioned why we don't question doctors.
i am PARENT, hear me RAWR : finding my voice as a new mom.
let's talk about sleep, baby : what worked for us with a non-sleeping baby.
if there's one thing i know i'm good at : identifying strengths and weaknesses.
doing it all with a little grace and humility : juggling and how it can work.
being bold for christ : because that's how He wants us to be.
i can pray : learning that prayer can help through any circumstance.
we were made to be courageous : calling out fathers and husbands

very real: discovering why i couldn't just shake the baby blues.
eye-opener: fling yourself on the bed and sob uncontrollably
another on mommyhood: let's be real, being a mommy sucks {sometimes}
the stuff i don't want to talk about, but CLEARLY need to: it's always rough coming to tough realizations
tonight: the one where i realized being intentional makes all the difference


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