I Need You! Because I'm lame-oh.

So I registered at TopBabyBlogs.com awhile back, when I wanted this blog to really get out there and get more readers. I've never been super high ranking and that's not really my goal, but I'd like to be listed at least...you know, have some actual statistics.

Since they've reset the votes in October, I have no votes whatsoever. [Gosh, I'm lame]. But that's also due to the fact that I took the button down from my sidebar.

It's a Christmas wish of mine.

So......will ya? Will you vote once daily?

It's super easy, I promise! No registration required, just click on the banner to the right and that's IT! See...super easy.

I promise to love you long time. ♥ *kisskiss*

Vote For Us @ topbabyblogs.com!

and besides...a vote for me is a vote for World Peace.

no lie.

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