Fifteen Weeks, schweeeeeeet.

stretch marks are sooo unflattering.

How far along: Fifteen Weeks and four days
Total weight gain: from starting weight: +7lbs
Maternity clothes: Nothing new, still wearing the same stuff from before even though it's super baggy. I try to wear my non-baby jeans and I can do it as long as I keep them unbuttoned.
Stretch Marks: nothing new, thank GAWD.
Sleep: sleep has been great. I've been having odd sexy dreams though and, of course, the constant need to pee two or three times a night.
Best moment this week: realizing that I ROCK at being a mom despite how much I doubt myself.
Worst moment this week: Austin's having sleep issues.
Movement: None really. I feel stuff, but I think it's gas.
Cravings: Rice, Italian Combo from Panera Bread, and cake. lol
Baby's size in food terms: navel orange!
Belly Button: innie innie innie.

Gender: I'll be able to find out in about a month. CAST YOUR VOTE ON THE SIDEBAR!
What I miss: Pushing myself hard in the gym.
What I am looking forward to: getting that anatomy scan ultrasound at 20 weeks!!!

Labor Signs: um, pretty sure I had one of those random, weird, super early, practice BH contractions. It felt pretty familiar.
Weekly Wisdom: You've been there, done that. You're pretty much a pro. -unknown.

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  1. Congrats! How exciting! I'm 25 weeks with number two...so excited about having two close together!


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