eighty degree winter.

we left washington a month ago now. {and for about two weeks we were "homeless"}. and i can say that finally i feel like we're "settled" here in texas. yes, we live at my mother in law's house and most of our stuff is in storage, but we're getting into a nice routine here. and i feel like this could be "home"...at least more "home" than it would be if i were back in washington right now.

i think the greatest part of being down here is the weather. it's no secret that i hate hate HATE snow with a fiery, burning passion. i think it's the stuff that demons make. {ya know, with the whole 'burning in hell, need some kind of relief' thing} i really don't see anything good coming from cold weather other than staying inside and being as warm as possible. so yesterday and this morning my facebook and twitter/instagram feed was all about the snow that hit washington and isn't letting up anytime soon.

so i'm not rubbing it in or anything, but...it's eighty degrees today. and it's beautiful. it's hot. lol. so while bella was taking a nap, austin and i went outside and turned on the hose {who cares that texas is experiencing a drought. if my almost 2 y/o wants some water, he gets water. :P} and we played outside for like an hour. it was glorious. here, check it out. {oh and please notice just how big my little man is. where did my baby go?}

who IS this kid?

can i cry that he'll be 2 in less than a month?


  1. He's getting soooo big! Aww you're missing the 6 inches so far of snow ;) haha. I wanted it to snow but ONLY because it's be so flippin cold that it either had to snow or get warmer. It's crazy how different states are. Can't believe it's so hot there! I'd be happy with 50 degrees haha.

  2. Oh wow he's grown! They don't stay little long.

  3. Seriously....why is he so doggone cute?!? I'm glad its feeling a little more like home. The weather will ease ANY transition when moving from freezing to warm. We moved from the Midwest to Fort Worth and the weather is what makes me say, "ahhh. home. " Even though we're away from family.

  4. I love your new header! I want to copy soooo bad, but it doesn't go with my blog's name. Got any ideas????


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