texas...it suits me.

i'm honestly loving texas. there's just something about it here.

no, it's not washington. it'll never be "home". but i do feel like i'm home in a sort of odd way. 
i love the weather. i love the people. i love the politics {oddly enough}. i love the churches. i love the slowness. it's just craaaaazy. the only downside i've found is that i hate feeling restricted when it comes to running the hose {apparently there's a drought...} and how sometimes i feel like a big ole' hippie with my breastfeeding and selective vaxing and natural birthing stuff. lol

but i do love it here. 

these are our neighbors. mr leon and miss yvonne. they're pretty awesome.
i fell in love with them and their whole pack of dogs the moment i met them 2 years ago.
and their son, chayce, is the kiddos God-father. yea, they're that awesome.
that is also my mother in law coming to smack me for calling her "flora-mae" and for taking her picture.
she hates pictures.

so texas, you've got a lover in me.


  1. Aww what part of Texas? I just moved to Austin in 2010 and love everything about it here!

  2. we live in san antonio...and i'm wanting to come visit austin soon!

  3. these are great shots. did i already ask you what kind of camera and lens are you using?


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