nine short months.

the most beautiful girl in the world is 9 months old. and i can't even handle it.

she doesn't crawl. but she pulls herself to a standing position.
she doesn't have teeth. but she prefers adult food and hates baby food or mushed up anything
she doesn't talk. but she screams.
she loves breastmilk. but won't take a bottle.

she beats up her brother. she loves dropping food from her high chair for the doggies.
she has the cutest dimples in the entire world. her smile literally lights up a room.
and even with very little hair on her head, she is the most beautiful girl in the entire world.

and yes, those are real diamonds in her ear. 
diva to the extreme.

bellabean. i can't believe how big you are.
i love you mamacita.

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  1. Awww...hard to believe it's been nine whole months! Where does the time go?


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