I'm Scared Sh*tless!!!

If you couldn't tell by the post title, I'm scared. Wanna know why?

Well, it's been six weeks since my last visit from AF. Not that I'm missing her at all, but she's a nice thing to see every once in awhile after she's come back from a thirteen month hiatus. And I don't mean randomly see her...I'd just like to see her every 28 days like I'm used to. So yes, she's missing.

Oh...did I mention I've been extremely tired for no apparent reason? Hmm...how about the fact that I've been feeling bouts of nausea at least once per day and a whopping three times today?!

Well..if that doesn't get you feeling all kinds of suspicious...

Today, the hubs and I were *ahem* doing the marital thing and we had a teenage panic moment.
The condom broke.

Yep. You may have to squint, but you know what that says! ...excuse me for a second....

akfhailgbas;nkdjn;ksjng;karg n;knv;dlfkjgslkfjgsldgj aorijalk gn ---running around screaming like a chicken sans head---slas;lmdlkmas;lk;wal kmdlkvs;lkjal;sejvksrntb;slkejvnal;kr htal;mj fa;lbkjerlkaj al;skjr

Okay...now that I've acted a dern fool and composed myself. I'm terrified. I took two tests a couple weeks ago and they both said negative-o. What if I take one tonight or tomorrow morning and it says positive? Wouldn't that be some sort of cruel and late April Fool's Joke?! UGH. I'm just scared. I'm hoping if I just ignore it, all of these 'what-if's' and coincidences will go away. What say you?!

pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleeeeeeeeaaaaase don't be pregnant, Kiranda.


  1. Oh gosh i feel you, i had to take one the other day. The first was a dud, but the second had one line immediately and so i threw it away.. i hope it didn't secretly just show an extra line a minute later. I've been SO TIRED and nauseous EVERY DAY! i'm never like this! I'm sick of always being on the verge of throwing up. What gives?! I hope you aren't (since you don't want to be, that is) and that there is just some random scare-the-crap-out-of-moms mystery virus going around. Sound good? I think so!!

  2. You are funny! LOL. I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh at your situation, I would be scared shitless also. It's the way you put things. With great humor. Love it!
    I have heard that after you have had a baby, once your period comes back, it might not be as regular as before. And also, sometimes it's all in the head so, if you are paranoid, you might be giving yourself these pregnant symptoms. I sound like I have watched one too many House episodes.
    Anyway, good luck!

  3. If the condom broke last night - and assuming you're in your ovulation window - the soonest you'd see results from your teenage panic moment would be 2 weeks from now. And if you're suspecting that you're already pregnant due to your nausea and fatigue, then what does it matter if the condom broke? LOL

    The most logical explanation is usually the correct one. Everything you've written has a logical reason.
    1. No period: When you're bf-ing you're going to have a spotty (pardon the pun) cycle. Hormones go up, no period. Hormones go down a little, you might get a period. No biggie.

    2. Fatigue - from your facebook and some of your posts, it looks like Aus might be giving you a hard time at night. You've written that he's been keeping you up and fussy during the day. This is most likely where that fatigue is coming from.

    3. Nausea - probably just general hormones again. Or maybe you're not eating as well as you should?

    I doubt you're pregnant. But even if you are, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world! Being 16, single, pregnant and poor, THAT would be a cause for panic. Being an adult, married and stable just makes it a reason to rejoice!

    (But again, that being said, I still dont think you're pregnant. Keep up the marital rendezvous!)

  4. Dun-dun-duuuuhhhhnnnn! [crossing fingers]...wait if you breastfeed then you can tell with Austin. If he seems like he doesnt want your milk anymore - thats a sign. Being pregnant changes your breast milk. Doesnt it?

  5. Uh-oh! It's not even happening to me and I'm nervous haha! You'll have to update. I think you are the mom who said your husband is from Texas or y'all were visiting?? What part? That's cool. We are near Austin.

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  7. Oh No! I'm always afraid when AF doesn't visit, but I don't miss her either! I hope she visits, but is just fashionably late for you!

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm now your newest follower :o)


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