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I like bandwagons. I think they're fun! lol No, really. I consider myself a crispety-crunchity mom. What's crunchy? We're the rare -breed of ma's that breastfeed, co-sleep, babywear, cloth-diaper among other gloriously granola things. I love meeting other moms who think and live like I do. So here's what the Crunch Hop is all about. Copied and Pasted directly from wonder and wander:

wonder & wander

Last friday I joined my first Blog Hop. While I found a few neat blogs and found some great new followers through it (hi ladies!) I found that the majority of sites I went to... well, we didn't have much in common. One of the reasons that most moms blog is to find a parenting support system that is usually lacking in offline society, so it's important to my mom-sanity to be connected to people in similar situations doing similar things.

I found myself wishing there was a hop specific to blogs of the "crunchy" persuasion, where the participants would be more likely to find new friends, reads and get more commenters. And since I couldn't find one, I decided to make my own!

I know not everyone identifies with the term "crunchy" but I couldn't think of anything else short and somewhat descriptive, so I apologize to those of you who hate the term, and suggestions are welcome for a new name!

So, would you like to have more people visit your blog, or find new ones to read yourself?

Do you (past, present, or future tense) breastfeed, babywear, cloth diaper, co-sleep, OR consider yourself an attachment or eco-conscious parent? (Even if only one or two of those apply).

Then please add a link to your blog! Since it's new I'm making it a 1 week thing instead of a 1 day thing, so even if you see this post later in the week, please join in!


1. Not required, but if you'd like, follow me on google friend connect & RSS. :) (oh and voting for my blog via the big button on the right would be hugely appreciated too!)
2. Required: Check out at least the 3 sites listed before yours & leave a meaningful comment (of course you can do so for as many over 3 as you'd like). No pressure to follow the sites unless you want to, but do leave a nice comment and tell them you found their site from the Crunch Hop. I promise to visit & comment on any site listed! :)
3. Don't leave "I'm following you, please follow me!" messages, but if you get any comments, do return the favor and leave them one too.
4. Try to come back here after you post your link so that you can check out the newer listings.
5. And the obvious, no explicit material, yadda yadda.
6. Not required, but it would be awesome if you could put this button on a post or sidebar and spread the word!

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  1. Aw, thanks for blogging about the hop!!! This makes me happy. I know these things are slow to get started, but if you first ladies are any indication it's going to turn into one AMAZING hop!!

    "Gloriously granola" - love it! It's true. xD


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