Soooooo I went out of town this weekend and my super-dumb ex boyfriend was supposed to take my dog but he didn't. I guess my roommate got pissed and enlisted some of his friends to take care of her while I was away. [He was on vacation too.]

Now he wants me to either a)move out with princess or b)give her away in order to stay.

Charlie thinks I should move bc the guy is OBVI on a powertrip. He suggested closer to Ft. Lewis. But I go back to school in Sept and it'd be superhard for me to commute to and from that far south everyday..especially since I'm not driving anymore.


Anyone wanna keep my dog for a few months? Jesus. This is hard. I love my dog too much. I've had her since she was a puppy and she LITERALLY is like my daughter.

And to make things EVEN BETTER: Charlie went BACK to the ER last night. *sniff*

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