Getting My Hopes Up!

Today was a pretty laid-back, albeit semi-productive day! I ended up not going to City Church like I had planned. After working a double yesterday, my body needed rest. And normally I'd just keep going and going until I run myself into the ground, but I don't want to get sick again like before so if my body is demanding rest, I'm going to give it. I sometimes forget that this body needs TLC. So I slept in until like 11 or so.

I heard back from one of my favorite apartments on Queen Anne, so Princess and I trekked it all over Seattle today. It was so fun! I was so glad I could bring her with me and get her out of the house. I can tell she misses being outside and walking around. So the apartment is actually a townhouse. A BEAUTIFUL ONE! It's three levels and I'd get the entire bottom floor to myself. It's also completely furnished so I wouldn't need any of my things and could put them all in storage or even sell 'em. lol. The rent is a little cheaper than my current place, it's right on the busline to downtown/work, there's a little chihuahua there named Spot [weird, since I've already had a chi named Spot..lol] and him and Princess get along SWELL...I really can't stop gushing about this place. The neighborhood is beautiful and quiet and everything is within walking distance. I can definitely see Princess and I walking around Queen Anne.

I really want this place. She said she's gonna call my references and should come to a decision by Thurs. I told her I'd like to move before I go to TX. I'm praying for this place. I think everyone else should as well. It'd be such a good thing for us. EEK.

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