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Hey Hey Hey!

I wanted to update yesterday but I was so tired and Charlie just wanted to go to bed. Yesterday was such an eventful day!! I was on my way to work when I got a call from the Apt Manager [Alisa, she's pretty awesome! LOVE her!]. Apparently, our dining room table had been delivered and it was taking up a lot of room in their office! lol. I passed the message on to Charlie so he could go get it since he'd be home earlier than I would. 

At my job, we work next to McCormick and Schmicks. We always go over there and order food from them and they get coffee from us. Because I never charge them and I'm just good friends with a lot of the managers there, I RARELY get charged for my food. And even when I do, it's with a DRAMATIC discount. Even when I sit in the restaurant and order, they give me like 20-50% off my meal. They met Charlie and love him too! lol So back a few weeks ago when I thought I was prego, a bunch of them came in and asked how I was doing and I told then we were TTC and that I thought I might be since I was feeling so crappy. So they were super excited and wanted info the entire time!

Well yesterday, I go in and the girl who regularly asks about our baby dancing asks how it was going. I said I was tired. lol. I love the man, but he has just a ridiculously HIGH sex drive. OMGAAAH. And with all the commuting and working and keeping the house clean and in order and taking care of him...yea I'm just plain ole TIRED! So we laugh about it, I get my food and we go on about our way. Ten minutes afterwards, one of their servers comes in with a plate and some cards. He asks for me!! [Keep in mind, the cafe was full and I ringing up 3 customers in line!!] So I'm so embarrassed when he hands me the plate and it's a piece of chocolate cake decorated with fruits and more chocolate and raspberry sauce with "Keep Trying" in chocolate on the rim of the plate! hahahha! I took pictures and am trying to upload them now! I practically DIED right then and there!! Everyone was smiling and stuff. lol. And then the cards they gave me were $10 gift certificates for Mother's Day. lol. I had $30 worth!! You can only use one per table so I gave two of them to my coworkers! hahaha. 

Yea. And so then I came home and Charlie started putting our dining table together! OMGAAAH it's so beautiful. I love it! Yea and I cooked an entire vegetarian dinner. Grilled portabello mushrooms, herbed red potatoes, and garlic green beans. DE-LISH. Yeah. We didn't eat at the table just because we couldn't finish the chairs. lol. 

Good day! I'm totally skipping the gym today. I just didn't feel up to it. I'm going to get up and get dressed. Eat some of those delicious cinnamon rolls on my kitchen counter from breakfast . OMGAAAH! Then cook some lunch for Charlie and for myself to take to work. And as a surprise, since I'm working late tonight- I'm going to cook dinner for him and just have it ready to be heated up so he doesn't have to worry. lol

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