Is It December Already?

Where has 2009 gone?! I can't believe time has passed by so quickly. It feels as if a few weeks ago, Charlie and I got married and started trying for little Austin. Now I'm at the last stretch of the pregnancy and kind of sad to see it at the end! All that means, though, is that my little bug is going to be here soon! I just can't wait to meet him!!

I realized I've yet to post about my Spokane baby shower! It was such a great weekend. I really missed my family and was glad we were able to go back before Austin gets here. My mom, sister, and cousin Krishana planned and hosted the shower. And although I was a bit scared that it would be more of a last minute affair- they did SUCH a great job!

This was the cake my sister picked out! SO adorable!!

Mommy and Daddy. OMG..I look so huge!

I love pressies!

All in all, a GREAT time. I'm gonna have another one for all the Seattle-based peeps. My besties are throwing it! I can't wait!

In other news, we finally received our stroller! I am so in love with it! It took a few tries, but we finally put it together and put the carseat that we already had on it to see how it works! SOOOO CUTE.

Weeeeelllll...off to do more laundry and start the cooking process. We're going to the gym! I'm actually kind of excited. Charlie has PT and I'm just going to burn off some excess energy and pump some iron. Of course, I'll take it easy!

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