33weeks..almost there friends!

How far along: Thirty-Three Weeksies!

Total weight gain: 22lbs at last check up!!

Maternity clothes: all maternity all the time. woohoo.

Stretch Marks: nothing new. yaaah

Sleep: i can't sleep through the night without getting up to pee several times! grrr!

Best moment this week: getting our 3D ultrasound and seeing our baby!

Worst moment this week: having to work, not gonna lie. i'm soo ready for maternity leave.

Movement: LOTS. it's great!

Cravings: rice, rice and more rice. lol

Baby's size in food terms: my lil melon ball.

Belly Button: In or Out? it's still flat. my belly is more square in the front now.

Gender: 3D ultrasound confirms...IT'S A BOY!

What I miss: being able to bend over. lol

What I am looking forward to: maternity leave.

Labor Signs: time-able contractions. eeek and a mysterious liquid that just appeared underneath me. amniotic fluid? me no no!

Weekly Wisdom: "it's not the size of the diaper, it's the size of the output!" -funny lady from work

Milestones: regular contractions and a lot of movement. and a 3D ultrasound!

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