How far along: Thirty Two Weeks!!

Total weight gain: I haven't officially been weighed again, but at last check I was at 22lbs

Maternity clothes: Maternity maternity my friends

Stretch Marks: same ole' same ole' [uh huh..uh huh]

Sleep: now..almost impossible. I sleep only because my body can't stay awake any longer

Best moment this week: Surprising my family by driving over the mountains for New Years

Worst moment this week: Getting into a fist fight with my sister. :(

Movement: He moves A LOT. And I'm finding I sometimes feel nauseas when he does. Kinda reminiscent of sea-sickness...

Cravings: French Fries and Philly Cheesesteaks

Baby's size in food terms: last week as a squash!

Belly Button: In or Out? it fluctuates from flatness to poking out

Gender: I haven't seen an ultrasound since 20wks or so, therefore I'm HOPING it's still a boy!

What I miss: sleeeeeeep and cerveza!

What I am looking forward to: oddly enough...labor.

Labor Signs: NONE- and I'd be happy with that for another 3-6 weeks!

Weekly Wisdom: can't recall much WISDOM..did get a lot of criticism though

Milestones: welcome to the 8th month!

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