Becoming Content.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit exasperated! It doesn't help when every time you call my fam or friends they're like, "ARE YOU IN LABOR YET?"! lol..I've got people texting me /fb-ing me asking if I'd had the baby yet. So of course, that just makes the pregnancy drag on and on. So I finally got in the bathtub to relax and escape and my little guy was moving around quite a bit. So we had a heart to heart. I told him to take his sweet time and to not let mommy, daddy, or anyone else rush him out. The longer he bakes in me just sets him up for a better life outside, so I want to keep him in!

I'm FINALLY content. Besides, this is my last FIRST pregnancy. lol. I'm just going to soak it all in. Besides, we won't be having another baby for a short while so I'm gonna just love it while I can.

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