i mean, REALLY? aGAIN?!

I think I need to vent a little bit.

I promise, it'll be short. and nice.

I just wish that instead of following me around and doing every single thing that I do [including life choices], a certain duo would STOP and get their own lifestory. I don't think I'm fabulous or deserving of such imitation. I'm sure this isn't going to thrill anyone who stops by this blog, but seeing as how it is MY blog I'd like to be able to vent when I feel the need to.


I actually grab my hair and pull whenever I see MY EXACT LIFE being reflected back at me by someone other than me. No, it's not a random coincidence...these are word for word, action for action, things that I have said, done or decided to do that are being copied by others. It's just old. I'm bothered by it because they search my blogs, facebook, myspace, etc and find things about me and then adapt it to their life. Does that make sense?

I'm going to pray to be humble and not puffed up about this. *sigh*

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