UN-Healthy Habits and something about a wagon

I've been really enjoying my time here in San Antonio [or the Tone as we jokingly call it.] We arrived on Friday and have only eating three home cooked meals. Two breakfasts and Easter dinner. I am just doing REALLY bad on the diet side of things. The last few days have been filled with greasy mexican food, a healthier choice of sushi, and lots and lots of hamburgers and french fries. Did I also mention I've been drinking a crap load of dr pepper? Soda, burgers, and fries will forever be my weaknesses. I've also been eating right before bed. I think it's the time change, especially because we tend to eat dinner late at night, roughly 8 or 9pm when we're at home. So being here, my "usual" dinner time is 10 or 11pm. *sigh* I haven't even exercised. Even though my efforts have pretty much gone out the window, the number on the scale has actually gone down .4 lbs. I was at 166.6 at my last checkup, now I'm at an even 165.

There's no miracle diet that says you can survive on junk and sugar and lose weight. [Though I wish there was....] I am stopping the cycle TODAY. Even if it kills me [which is highly unlikely]. Not only is it an unhealthy habit, it's an expensive one. We're planning on hitting up the mall soon and Lord knows I love me some mall food. There's something about those pretzels that you can only get at a mall. lol I'm making a point to eat before I leave and even take some healthy snacks so I'm not tempted. I'm also setting out a plan and food to thaw out for dinner tonight so I'm not tempted by my laziness and hunger to just go grab a Whataburger. Even though they're super delicious....

Welp. Here we go. Getting back on the wagon, friends!

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