30 Days Of Truth: {DAY ONE}

30 Days Of Truth
{Day One}
Something you hate about yourself

ERM. I'm trying to be positive, but with a challenge like this...Here we go.

I hate my tendency to be OCD. It really makes me hard to live with. I get anxiety attacks when my house is a mess. Anyone that's been in my house since Austin was born would wonder how I even function. Truth is, just looking around the house drives me NUTS. But I have to shut my mind down and zone out in order to "not notice" the mess.

I scream at calmly talk to Charlie often about the mess. He makes fun of me. He doesn't understand. Growing up, my house was constantly messy. I hardly invited people over because it was so messy. Maybe that's why I don't like people in my house now unless it's spotless. Whenever people are due to come over, I go into freak out mode. 

I remember one time we were throwing a party but I had to work that day. Charlie was given SPECIFIC directions and even had to check in with me several times before I arrived home. The house needed to be spotless before ANYONE got there. 

And it's not like I just want things picked up and put away. We have three remotes and a Wii controller on our coffee table. They need to be aligned just perfectly so. The kitchen counters need to be spotless, wiped down, and free of any residual water. If there's a wet streak on a surface, the entire surface needs to be wiped down again. Clothes in the closet must be hung to retail store standards [hanger facing left so it looks like a question mark]. Floors must me swept and/or vacuumed and mopped. Everything must be dusted. Shoes must be neatly put away. Anything that can be organized by color, date, size, shape, etc..MUST be organized in that manner and MAINTAINED.

WHEN I'M AT WORK- The cups on top of the machine must have the handles facing the left at about a 45 degree angle so I can reach up and grab them without dropping them. I have to clean the portafilter, rinse the shot glasses, wipe down the grill edge, wipe down the countertop and clean the steam wand before I can even THINK about starting another drink. If grounds get on the steam wand towel, I have to use a different one. I can't even bleach it. If grounds get on the counter towel, I have to rinse it out and then bleach it until it's white again. 

And that's just a few of my OCD tendencies.


  1. I need to get my post of this going.. It is a cool thing huh. I hate having people over if the house is messy..with 3 boys cleanliness is not an option.

  2. New Follower from Bloggy Moms, and I love your blog!

  3. I also grew up in a messy house.... to the point that no one was ever invited over because it was so cluttered. It was embarrassing. So I also go into freak out mode when someone is coming over. Its gotten better since having kids (I calmed down with the freak out part)..but I still have to make sure things are clean. I dont know how some people invite whoever over and their floors are visibly dirty and stuff is everywhere. I would be too embarrassed. So I feel ya on that one!


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