and because we're in high school...

this was her response before she *gasp* deleted me on facebook. lol. i'm heartbroken. NOT.

Ok you know what this is all I have to say.... I have never once not fed your child.... There has never been more then 2 ounces left when you have picked your son up.... Where you get that IDK and frankly I don't care... Your son has never been anything but good and happy with me... Except for the day I was at Katies... He was fussy... I fed him, I changed him and I held him, katie held him and he still cried so I laid him down right in front of me and Katie on the living room floor he was never in another room in fact I have never placed him in another room... And yes he cried himself to sleep finally... But however I didnt' you that you belived that a child should be held at all times when crying... That is not belief but to each his own on parenting... Katie and Janie would have done the same thing... They do, do the same thing when it comes to babies and if they are telling you any different they are lieing...
Anyways point being I have not done anything wrong and the fact that you don't trust me or would beleive a lie like that about me flat out just hurts my feelings... I done with all the drama and I'm done being accused of shit I have not done... Yes I do talk shit occiasionly like you said everyone does... But I have never said something like they have said about me and like 10 people but if you want to be friends with go right on ahead thats on you... I wish you and your husband and that adorable baby the best of life.... Sarah

and this will be the last time I speak on the subject. I already feel like I've lost some maturity points over this. lol

this is in response to THIS post.


  1. Yikes..sorry girl. That must suck majorly. :o( But its all good cause you are watching out for that adorable little munchkin

  2. Thanks! :D I'm feeling so much better about that decision nowadays


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