Introducing...the Blog Bash.

Blog Bash

For rules go HERE, yo.

I wasn't going to join in at first, but I couldn't resist! Brittany over at NotYourAverageTeen.com has put this all together and I'm excited to be apart of it.  Today is the first official day of it [even if I'm posting 1hr15min before the day changes...lol]  so here's my Introduction post. Are you ready?


Why, Hello There! Welcome to Mommyhood! 
It's a fun place, detailing what goes on in MY version of mommyhood. I'm the oldest girl of five kids, but it's a lot more complicated than it seems. For example: I grew up as the oldest of two....lol. Involved, that's for sure. I'm a twentysomethin girl from the PNW. I'm married to the hottest soldier this side of the Mississippi. His name is Charlie. I love him. ♥

I'm a new mom to my little chubbah, Austin.  


We live here in beautiful Washington, but I'm excited to get to see other parts of the world. Eventually, we'll set up shop in Texas. Eventually, we'd like to have two more kids named after the letters B & C so that we'll have a cute alphabet of kidlets. Okay...now that you know some random info about me and the fam...I'll address the five questions set by Brittany!


1.) Why do you blog?
I have been asked this question for years now. And usually because someone is annoyed that I put my "personal life" out there on display. I blog because it's therapeutic and I enjoy talking. I have a hard time organizing my feelings when I'm upset so that's how it started. Just writing everything down made it all better. And I'm able to process things a lot easier when they're down. Fast forward a few years and it's just nice to share my life with others. More importantly, I'd like to print out my blogs  [all seven million of them] and create a book for my children to read once they're older. How nice to see that they're mom actually WAS cool?! lol

2.) What do you blog about?
Ever heard of word vomit? That's pretty much it. I started this blog when I started dating my husband to detail our relationship, then once we got married it was still just a journal. And now that it's a mom blog- it's nice to share my experiences as a new mom. But pretty much anything is fair game. If it's on my mind or has happened, you'll find it here. And my blog has been described as  sunny with a chance of lightning. I just LOVE it. [~ thanks Veronica!!]

3.) What do you find to be the biggest reward you get from blogging?
Finding out that I'm not as weird and crazy as I think I am. When I get comments from other moms who've gone through similar things or understand my issues, it makes me feel better. Blogging really is about community and sharing your experiences. That's the best reward for me.  That and the mind space it frees up.

4.) How long have you been blogging?
I've been online journaling since '05. It started with myspace, then livejournal and has moved to blogger. I love it. But Mommyhood started in January of '09 [as Army Strong].

5.) Let's hear the story behind your blog title! :) 
Like I said earlier, this started out as a relationship dating blog when I met my husband. He's in the Army so it was like, "Our Love Is Army Strong". Now as a wife/mom...it's like..."HEY! Welcome to Mommyhood" because being a mother is strange territory. Am I right?! lol

And that's me! ♥


  1. Whoo glad to see you as part of the party! Hope you have fun!

    A-B-C... how adorable! My goal is to have kiddos with unique names... names NO ONE else has. :P Impossible, right! :D

    Adding you to my list of favorite mommy blogs! You seem so fun!

    Hope you are have fun during the Blog Bash! Have a great week and hope to see you in all the great events going on over at NYAT! ;)

  2. I love the naming idea you have going on with your kids! How cute! and yea, Austin is totally precious!

    "Sunny with a chance of lightening"? That is awesome!


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