Ooh Ooh, I almost forgot...

I know this blog is about Mommyhood and my adventures as such...and part of that is what's going on with me and a new mom. Welp..Today I officially re-registered for classes at Cornish! OMWord! If you don't know, I'm a vocal jazz major who is just 38 credits short of my Bachelor's degree. I put off my senior year for two years due to financial issues and having a baby...'cause who wants to be the girl with the big belly trying to belt out more tunes during your senior recital when you're due any day?! NOT ME.

It was so hectic this morning. With Charlie getting off CQ and having to sign papers to junk the Mercury [my old car] then heading all the way out to Seattle for registration. UGH. Long. Day. Thankfully he was there with me though because I could NOT have done all of it and dealt with Austin [who got fussier and fussier the longer we were there.] Thank you hubs. First off, the lady told me I'd be in the early registration so I didn't have to hang around all day. This stuff was mostly for the freshmen and any new transfer students. I've already put in 3 years of blood, sweat, and tears so I didn't need to go through the whole thing all over again. Well we get there at 10:30 and they don't have me scheduled until noon. Granted, it was the first registration of the day, but HELLO- I thought I'd be in and out. lol boy was I wrong.

They were providing free lunch for attendees, but we only got one ticket so C and I shared a big plate of food. Mmm yummy ravioli and garlic bread. It was great. But I couldn't pile enough food on so we were hungry still afterwards. We went upstairs [after running up and down them several times in 90 minutes] and waited to start registering. All was great until we sat down to pick classes. Because I chose to take more music classes during the first part of my years at the Corn, I put my humanities/sciences on the back burner and now I have to make them up! I need roughly 18 credits worth of HS classes to make up! AH! We figured that I need to take 3 courses this semester and 2 courses next semester to fit them all in. And even after taking a full load each semester, there's still 2 credits that I need to do. Here's my option: hopefully test out of something or make it up in community college online courses or come back and do them during the summer. With option 2, I'd walk in graduation, but I couldn't start grad school because I technically wouldn't have my degree yet. With option 1, there's burn out possibility. Oh yea, and there's option 1a where I could try to convince the provost to let me take 19 credits per semester. Which I doubt they'll let me do since 18 is already on overload status. ANYWAY.

I'm letting what happens to just happen. I'm not going to stress out about it. I've already got my work cut out for me! So you interested in my class schedule? Well this year it's more similar to a liberal arts degree since there's barely any music involved. haha. But check it out!

Existentialism [humanities] 6:00pm- 7:20pm
Early Music History 10:30am-11:50am
Creative Non-Fiction [humanities] 2:30pm- 3:50pm
Chorus 4:30pm- 5:50pm
History: Western Political Thought [humanties] 6:00pm- 7:20pm
Existentialism 6:00pm- 7:20pm
Early Music History 10:30am-11:50am
Creative Non-Fiction 2:30pm- 3:50pm
Chorus 4:30pm- 5:50pm
History: Western Political Thought 6:00pm- 7:20pm


at some point, I'll have an ensemble [like blues or latin] and private instruction too.
cool, huh?

I'm so glad all the classes I wanted were available for me. That's the bonus of being a senior- you get what you want even when the class is "closed". YAY. School starts in 6 weeks. OMG. I'm nervous and excited. I've been dreading going back to school, but now that it's set in stone...I can't wait to finish.

Now the only problem...what to do with chubba when both of us are busy with work/school. Eeek. Any suggestions?


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I an following you back. your little one is too cute!

  2. Found you through the Blogfia. You are going to be sooo busy this semester! Good luck with that existentialism class :/


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