Versatile to the Second Power, friends.

Yea. That's right. I'm SUPER DUPER Versatile. ;D

Gayle from A Cramazing Life  rocks my face because she gave me this award. Her blog is pretty friggin awesome and your blog roll isn't complete unless she's on there! Trust me!


Because I've already received this award, I'm going to send you off to more blogs that I think are Versatile. I've come across more blogs since that first award! YAH. But I'll spare you on seven random facts about me because I'm sure you'll figure them all out by reading my blog. lol.

Well, I'll just share one:

I love carbs. Ooooh sweet bread. I just love it. I used to eat hotdog buns with no hotdog..just ketchup. And tonight, I ate two pieces of wheat bread with a little buttah. Mmmm I. LOVE. BREAD. yayer.

And for a few blogs that are worthy of this award...
there are more 
but my hubs has his shirt off and I'm horridly distracted.


  1. Love your spunk!!
    I'm a new follower from Mommy Bloggers Rock on FB.
    Check out my blog at http://mylife--smookiestyle.blogspot.com

  2. im a new follower, this is an awesome blog! hope you'll come visit me also.

  3. Congrats!!! I've gotten that award! :) Blog awards are so fun!


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