Probably Not The Best Place...

But I need to vent. I don't have anyone who I can call because they're all outside enjoying themselves or refusing to answer their phones. SO I COME TO YOU OH BLOG READERS.

Let the negativity commence:



well, I'm glad you asked. All week long I've had plans to go out with my girls this weekend so that I can let go of some steam. Motherhood is hard and add to that being a wife to this guy..yea..even rougher. So I need a friggin break. I need to let my hair down. I need to drink a few beers. I need to be loud and obnoxious. I need to rock my nose ring like I don't give a flying f*ck.  I need to start some trouble. [not really on the last one]. I need to flirt with the bartender and get some free drinks! lol. I want it. Yes I need it. Last weekend and the weekend before that, the husband has been invited to go out with the guys. The first weekend was a bunch of guys and one wife who invited me to go. The second weekend he went to watch UFC at Hooters. I told him to go ahead and do his thing, as long as I can go out THIS weekend.

So tell me why this douchenozzle comes in the door and announces [no, not asks. he ANNOUNCED] that  he's going out tonight.

Uhm...exCUSE me? Remember the DEAL mister? *I* am going out tonight. You are staying home with the baby. I am being reckless. You are being daddy. 

Can you believe this guy? He actually got mad at me for having plans. So seeing that he was upset, I just told him to go ahead and go out and I'll stay home [yet again]. Then....oh THEN- you'd think he'd be grateful and happy and lose the 'tude.

NOPE! KING ASSHAT OF THE CENTURY keeps it coming. He throws in some not so nice words, a LOT of attitude, and snarky remarks until I finally can't take it anymore and I stomp out of the house to my friends house. Wouldn't you know it? She's not there. So I came back. Hey- I need to clean anyway. I figured I'll give him a dose of my lethal SILENT TREATMENT. Oh no- seeing his opportunity- this f*cktard leaves for the gym.

I need a beer.


  1. *HUGS* mama. I totally understand why you're upset. I would be too. Renegging on your deal just isn't right. I say you continue to give him the silent treatment until he apologizes, not just for his ugly words; but for taking advantage of you and not being a stand up husband and father.

  2. oh so been there. *hugs*

    and i know that it's not that you don't love him. but for the moment, you seriously hate him. lmao f*ck indeed!

  3. Do I need to come up there and open a can of whoop ass on some boy. Yeah I called him a BOY cause only a BOY won't be there for his baby and let his wife have some free time.. Guess what BOY time to grow up and man up and stand up and do what you need to do to let her have her space as well.... OOOOO now I am pissed for you

  4. that sucks. what did he say when you sweetly reminded him that it was your turn to go out?

  5. dang!!! we've all been there though! somedays we just want to kill our husbands!!!

  6. First, *hugs* to you! Second, do we have the same husband? LOL. I love mine to death, but sometimes, he is a total... what did you call it? Douchnozzle? Asshat? All of the above. :D

    Thirdly, I found your blog through Bloggy Moms and am now following! Hope you'll do the same!

    ~ Kristina


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