Austin is Seven Months Old!!!

Chubbah. Bubbah. WOW! You're such a big boy now! You have no idea how awesome you are, but I'm sure you'll grow up hearing it every day from your mommy dearest. As per usual, you have stolen not only my heart, but daddy's and all of your relatives...as well as anyone that is fortunate enough to be near you. You are seriously the funniest kid I've ever met. Your facial expressions just KILL me! Sometimes when we say or do something that would register a "WTF" from someone, you totally give that same look. Your eyebrows raise and come together a bit and your eyes get a bit wide. It's hilarious.

We've started taking a different kind of picture with you: Your Crazy Nursing Positions! You don't care HOW you get the milk, as long as you get it. I doubt I'll ever post them here because there's a TON of boobage, but trust there will be a photo album of your funny nursing positions. lol. You still nurse on demand whenever I'm home with you and when you're with daddy or Auntie Katie [while Mommy's at work/school], you eat every few hours. Breastmilk is doing your body good, that's for sure.

I really wish your hair would grow in over the thin spots. You just look like a little old man and while I love it..people don't believe that I actually can't do ANYTHING to it other than comb out the curls. Here are some other cool stats!!

  • Weight: 16.6lbs
  • Height: 24 inches long
  • Head Circ: 49 cm [wow! it's that noggin!]
  • Diet: breastmilk primarily...but we're letting you taste a lot of real food too.
  • Sleep Schedule: still pretty random depending on our days, but you still nap 2-3 times a day and are STTN with overnight feedings. Co-sleeping makes this so much easier on us!
  • Teeth?: We've got two cutting through this week! I'm so excited!!! You are super fussy and clingy because of it and have slight fevers throughout the day, but those teeth are making their way out!
  • You "talk" a TON bubs. You new fave thing to say? AH! lol You just shout it for everything. It's hilarious.
  • You lurrrrve guacamole.
  • You can sit up on your own just fine, but hate sitting on the floor by yourself. You only crawl when you think we're not around. Like that time I watched you army crawl around the bed before you cried out for me when you woke up from a nap! Otherwise, you have a mini freakout if we try to give you tummytime.
  • YOU TOOK TWO STEPS ON YOUR OWN [with the help of a walker]. I almost died of shock! I didn't get it on video either, dangit! But yes..I had a proud mama moment! We just bought you your own walker. Let's see if you'll be an awesome kid and bypass that whole crawling thing altogether.
  • You're more alert. You listen a ton and seem to try to understand us when we're talking to you. You're starting to notice the world more as well and are curious to EVERYTHING around you. Like the laptops. You like to type on the keys and shut them when mommy and daddy are using them. Skype with the relatives is a lot funnier now. 
  • You laugh really hard when you think someone is chasing you or coming to get you. And you love it when Mommy shakes her head 'no' and 'yes'.
  • You like to climb all over people when they're holding you. You like to stand up on your own more too.

We're still working on your 7month photos...you were NOT happy with us tonight. But here's a few to tide ya over! 

Photobooth with Mommy.

Seven Month Photoshoot FAIL.

*sorry for the lack of editing.*

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