Oh Etsy...I loveth thee.

I purposely stay away from Etsy.com because I know I'm going to start lusting after the cute things I see there.

Take for example, this. 

I saw this over at The Chronicles of Corbin and almost died at how cute he looked! I mean...WHAT A LOOKER!!! This was awesome. So of course, I go over to that etsy shop and squeal!!!

I want Austin to rock one of these. FOR. SURE.



  1. that? you could buy a cut of clearance fabric and turn it on it's side, too. then ask for money :)

  2. I love her stuff too!
    I have a couple of awards for you, head over to my blog to receive them! http://www.crazyaboutmybaybah.com/2010/09/sharing-love-and-sweetness-awards.html

  3. cute, but could that kid's head get ANY BIGGER? Whoa! LOL


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