Sexy Sundays: Five Sexy Questions

This Week's Questions:

1.  Which do you prefer the real thing, or toys?  Why?
2.  Does size really matter?
3.  When it comes to oral sex, would you rather give or receive? 
4.  What is the craziest place you have ever "done the deed"?
5.  Would you use the C-Spot vibe for clitoral stimulation, or vaginal stimulation?

my answers, y'all.

1. ::singing:: "there's nothing like the real thing baby!!!" lol. I prefer the real thing because A) there is that physical connection. It's not just about the "penetration". It's the weight of the person, their touch, their kisses, the look in their eyes, etc. It's a full body experience. and 2) a toy can't respond to you. When something feels good, I know to keep doing whatever it is that I just did. and vice versa. Make sense?

2. I used to think size mattered. And on some level, it does matter. But if you're slangin and you have no control over what you're doing...get outta here!! The motion in the ocean is what really matters!

3. A few years ago, I'd say I prefer to give. But I've gotten selfish as of late. Don't get me wrong, I still would prefer to give give give [because I love doing so, unlike so many other women], but I need some receiving every now and then!

4. Craziest place? On top of a mall in the open bed of a truck during rush hour. At a park, in front of a waterfall [with an audience that I didn't notice until later]. My aunt's bed. In my high school band room and on the stage in the cafeteria of my junior high school.[oral sex]. Idk...I've done a lot of crazy, risky things.

5. I'd probably use it for clitoral stimulation since I already have "Glenn jr" for the latter. It'd be fun to use during sex though. lol

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  1. I was watching for this all day lol now I have to do it hmmm tough questions


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