um, excuse me?

maybe it's just because i'm really tired. maybe it's because i had two dropped calls today and missed one. maybe it's because my back hurts.

but i really don't like it when someone says that i like drama.

um, excuse me?

a little backstory: a fb friend posted that she had some drama going on then ended her post with a positive saying. i liked the status and then commented that i didn't like the drama but i liked her statement. then random person [whom i know] decides to say, "yea right. you know you like drama".

um, excuse me?

what in the HELL did i do to you, chick? wtfack? i actually HARDLY EVER speak to you, nor have you EVER been close enough to me to make statements like the one you just left.

go hide under a rock, asshole.

while i agree that drama is entertaining as all get out, i don't enjoy it. i USED to, but it brings on a bout of anxiety and anger that i don't like dealing with. try shaking every time you do something...that's how i feel when there's drama in my life. it effing sucks.

so sit there. shut the fack up when you're talking to me. or i'll shut your mouth for you.


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