OMG. It's almost that time...

So I know I'm not alone, but I'm starting to freak about Austin's first birthday. I mean, he'll be ten months old in a few weeks [which, reminds me. I need to post updates/photos for his 8th and 9th month stuff. whoops] and that leaves me only two months to get something together. We decided we're having in over in Spokane, where my family is so none of them miss out. And I think I'm just going to let me mom do the bulk of the planning. But still...I can't just take a backseat.

I NEED IDEAS. Heeeeeeelp!

And in the meantime...while you're cooking up wicked awesome ideas on how to make this birthday party/anniversary of pushing a small watermelon through my hooha....here's the cutest kid ever!

did you die? bc i do every time i see that smile!

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  1. I started planning early too! It's easier so you don't have to stress out over last min stuff.
    Just so you know I have some decorations from karson's bday. They say happy 1st bday and are sports. You can borrow them if you want. Or I can sell some to you (I'm keeping some for the baby book) to save you some money. I spent like $60 on stuff for his bday!!!! I know... A lil overboard! But they only turn 1 once!!!


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