10 Things I've Noticed in 10 [or more] Days.

I'm incredibly bored and can't go to sleep because I've been sleeping all day [thanks allergies], so I'm trying to be creative with my blog. If you haven't noticed, I did some editing. Hope you like it. It took me LITERALLY almost 4 hours to do it all. But in any case...ten things.

10. I don't like people in my house. Like, not at ALL. I mean, I enjoy having people over for a few hours, but this is my sanctuary so I don't like house guests. It's not you..well, it probably is.

9. I hurt myself a LOT. I'm such a klutz. It's a wonder I haven't broken a bone with how clumsy I am.

8. I like playing with editing software programs. Even though I spend HOURS trying to figure them out.

7. My friends and I have a funny way of talking. We all interrupt each other. It's funny. But somehow...it works.

6. Oh and those friends I mentioned above....THEY'RE THE BEST. Really. I hope everyone can have a few girlfriends like I have. They're seriously the ish.

5. When I'm sick, I'm the world's biggest baby. Not only that..I am virtually helpless and need someone to do everything [except eating and using the bathroom] for me.

4. I get really sad when I see bloggymoms from my area getting together and I'm not included. Granted, I know I'm the new kid and all...but still...it hurts.

3. DVR really has saved my marriage from falling apart due to irreconcilable differences....[he likes stupid tv shows..what can I say?]

2. I love snuggling with my sweet, sweet babe.

1. I hate driving. More than I thought I did. lol


  1. Maybe you should try reaching out to some of those other mommy bloggers and let them know that you would like to be included in their next event. I used Meetup.com and found some great mommy groups that offer mom's night out/in, family nights and all kind of cool playdates. I might be a mom and pregnant with my second but I'll be dang if my social life has to suffer. Love the new editing that you've done to the blog.

  2. I love the new look it is great.. I don't even have a mommy group around here. Did I mention I live in the sticks lol.

  3. Yeah I'm new to the whole mom blogging thing. Actually only been doin git since August really...but I doubt I will ever attend a blog conference. My husband would think it was stupid and a waste of money....

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs

  4. I think I have reached out. On more than one occasion. It just makes me wonder if I'm not liked or something. lol. Or maybe my writing is too controversial and therefore no one likes me. Idk...I'll get over it I suppose.

    Heather we should go to a blog conference!! My husband HATED my blogging until I told him I could do reviews and get stuff free. Of course, I directed him to a few blogs where people were reviewing cars for a week....but still. LOL.

    Thanks for the love guys!

  5. There are some really good blog conferences coming up next year like BlogHer in CA!! I'm currently trying to secure sponsors to help my fund my trip.


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