Christmas Traditions, Eats, and Good Times...

Christmas is seriously my favorite holiday EVER! [other than my birthday, but that's not even a real holiday...]I come from a big family so there's always been a lot going on around the holiday time. This was the second year that I spent it away from my family since getting married. I think family is important, but it's also nice to carve out our own traditions. And even though my family missed Austin's first  Christmas, I still think they were a part of it because we Skyped the entire night.

Our tradition includes opening presents at midnight, something I've brought into the marriage, eating a nice breakfast right after presents, and then having Christmas dinner the next day. I did a TON of cooking for the holiday. We were getting together for a potluck style dinner with a few couples and their kids and I opted to bring my family's SECRET RECIPE macaroni and cheese.

making the cheese sauce.

mmm cheese!

starting the fried apples...

only i could take a healthy snack and make it sooo unhealthy,
but soooo tasty!

Here's us at midnight, ready to open pressies!

He was fascinated with his stuff! Especially his books
and that hardware tool to the left.

and he just loves stuffed animals now!

here's that mac and cheese i was talking about earlier!

Charlie got the BEST part..
the MIDDLE!!

Austin liked it too!

my breakfast:
wheat pancakes/fried apples, biscuits with grape jelly
there WAS bacon, but i ate it before breakfast was served. lol

Austin was ready for his scrambled eggs.

Austin ended up passing out shortly around 1am and I fought sleep until 2:30am. It was a great end to the night. Then we slept in all day and didn't even bother getting dressed until after 1pm the next day! It was the first time that I've ever included anyone other than immediate/extended family in the Christmas festivities, but it was a ton of fun! I forgot to take pictures throughout the night, but I did get a few.

this was my 3rd glass of Welch's sparkling grape. lol

chillaxing watching the Cowboys game.

mommy being creepy behind a laughing austin.

We had a fantastic Christmas holiday and I'm so blessed and so happy to have the family and friends that I do. I can't wait to see how our traditions grow as time goes on. And so excited to see how more involved it gets when Baby B gets here!! I hope everyone else had a great Christmas too!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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