Mush for Brains

Oh man. I've just spent the last 3...4 hours working on a presentation for class tomorrow. It's for my Life and Art  By The Numbers class and I basically had to create a presentation on something I quantified. I chose how much time I waste on the internet and using my phone. Needless to say, I had a lot of numbers. Way more than I actually thought I would. lol

And now I feel like eating a burrito, sipping more cranberry juice and zoning out for the next few hours. But we have to go to the commissary to pick up a few items for break{ing}fast in the morning. And I have a nice amount of laundry and straightening up to do before class this week.

Did I mention it's my final two weeks?!! Of the semester anyway.. I'm done with all of my music classes minus one vocal lesson each week and I have to go to 10 hours of performances and perform for the faculty. I have to go to my three humanities classes over the next two weeks so that's what....12 classes left before winter break. Oh winter break! One month of no school...I'LL TAKE IT!

More updates and some pictures lata...


  1. When you're pregnant you're entitled to have a mushy brain. Hell, my brain is so on another level it took me almost a month to help my bff finish up her thesis. Thank God those things aren't due until like the last class before graduation!! I felt so frustrated with myself for not being able to focus and fully dedicate the time needed to help her out, but then I remembered 'I'm the pregnant one. This comes with the terrority like it or not.'

  2. eeeeeee
    i'm finding this next text a little hard to read.
    is it just me?

  3. is it too small? do you need me to change it?


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