Recap of months 8 AND 9!


Um. Am I the ONLY one that's wondering where the last few months have gone? Seriously...last time I checked, my little chubbah bubbah was only seven months old. I mean, I was present for the last almost two months, but I think it's gone by far too fast and GERSH DARNIT! I want it back!

Austin Mays. Mistah Mistah...you are STILL the coolest.  Every day you do something new and exciting and your dad and I get a kick out of you. You are smiling a LOT more now. In fact, the only time you AREN'T smiling is when you're mad, upset, concentrating really hard or staring. You have a serious staring problem, bub. But you are so much more willing to go to and smile at strangers...but only if they give you a good vibe or reason to stay engaged in whatever they are saying. lol

I'm sad to report little one, we've almost stopped nursing completely. SORRY! This is totally your dad and I's fault. You're having a little brother/sister...[we're hoping it's a girl!] and because of that, my supply is virtually nonexistent. I realized that you were marathon nursing due to the fact that you weren't getting anything to eat! poor kid...Iz sorry. I remember the first night I gave you formula. I worried [and secretly hoped] that you would spit it out, throw your bottle across the room, and demand to the boobies that they produce more milk. But alas, you didn't even care. You gulped happily and dozed back off with a full belly. I tell ya kid, I felt like poo. And I cried. But...THERE IS A SILVER LINING. A bright note, if you will. You have CHUNKED UP! And you are so much more happy now that your stomach is full.

Speaking of full belly! OMWORD. Kid. You eat A TON. JUUUUUST like your dad. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to feed both of you so you're going to need a job, Chub. k? I swear our fridge will constantly be empty when you get older!

Here's some interesting factoids over the 8th and 9th month of your life:

  • Weight: at last check, 18.8 lbs
  • Height: 27 inches long
  • Head Circ: not sure, but your shirts get stuck on your head every. single. day.
  • Foods: there is nothing you won't eat. literally. which makes dinner easy too. but you're like a puppy. if you see us eating food, you stand in front of us whining until we share.
  • Sleep Schedule: OH GLORIOUS SLEEP! You're averaging 8-12 hours a night! With no waking up!! That's awesome. You still take at least one nap a day and sometimes two. But we're still pushing for you to get two 1-2 hour naps in a day. 
  • Teeth: Still just the two for now. But your gums are softening up and you're nom-ing on your fingers a lot so I'm sure more are coming in.
  • You aren't saying any actual words. But you say 'dada' and 'baba' and [finally] 'mama'. But you don't actually use it to address anything..just a lot of babbling. It's too cute.
  • Like I said before, you are a human garbage disposal. You eat anything.
  • You can CRAWL! And you're so fast too!
  • You scale things [like our tv stand] and are really great at walking along the couch and other things you can hold on to. As with all things, I'm sure you'll start walking whenever you feel like it and when you do, you'll be fabulous at it.
  • You LOVE music. And you can even dance! Whenever there's music playing, you bounce up and down and shake your booty. It's the CUTEST. You love making music play on your music table and your favorite song to dance to is the ABC song!
  • You love Sprout and all of the tv show theme songs. Especially Caillou, Mama Mirabelle's Home Movie Time, any song on the Pajanimals and all the songs Nina and Star sing on the goodnight show!
  • You are still the most chill, funniest, coolest bubbah ever. I don't see that changing anytime soon!

8 month shoot. 

 [he wouldn't sit still]

9 month photoshoot.

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