365 Love Letters: Day 1-16

I've been taking a picture of Austin everyday since the beginning of this year. I wanted to do some sort of loose 365 project of what goes on around here. Well, over at Baby Making Machine, she's doing a 365 Love Letters project. And since it's a brilliant idea...I'm doing it as well. So here's my love letters to Austin..days one through sixteen. Enjoy. Well they're actually working from today on backwards..lol


  1. i <3 this idea. Sooo many of those captions express EXACTLY how I feel.

  2. Aww...how cute. Gotta love that face he has on in Day 1. LOL

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! Wow, I was googling this to see if anyone else was doing something similar and I'm so glad I found yours!! It's so fun reading other captions moms have for their little ones, and going "OMG YES, ME TOO!!" Keep 'em comming mama, love them!!


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