Twenty Ten, a foto review.


 {anxiously awaiting the arrival of my lil' chub.}


{so happy he's finally here!}

{felt urban with my Moby}

{heading to church}

{still his favorite place to sleep}

{the day we dedicated him to the Lord}


{we traveled to Texas! he was awesome on the flight}

{happy 1st wedding anniversary!}

{Mays First Easter}

{the beginning of the turtle face}

{the entire fam on mother's day}


{hubs and i went to an awards show}

{father's day}

{showing elmo his toys}

{our first solo plane trip}

{farmer's market}

{daddy smooches}

{i die!}

{mommy and baby photoshoot}

{our pretend wedding photoshoot..LOL}

{cowboys for life!}


{chub finguhs}

{twenty ♥ three- happy birfday}


{Lots of Halloween Festivities}



{masquerade-y goodness}

*wipesbrow* WHEW! Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store!


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