over the last few days, i've had to  seriously stop and take a breather. thank the Lord for the hubs. honestly...i can't imagine having to do this part alone. austin is officially a toddler, right? right. so he's been a LOT of more independent and curious and just really darn mean lately. take a few nights ago, for example..*insert dream sequence music*

we're in the bathtub and he's being his usual self, playing and all that jazz. admittedly, i'm eating some eggrolls and reading a magazine. because, hey! that was the only time i could relax. anywayz...he's playing. i'm noming. then he stands up and starts playing with the soap dish thingy. well that's normal. except then he starts trying to yank on it. that's not cool. not only is it not safe...we have to pay for it to get fixed. and that's a definite no-no. so i tell him that we don't do that, it's not safe and remove him from the situation by sitting him down and giving him toys to play with. crisis averted. ......temporarily. he goes at it again. and again. and every time, i say the same thing and try to distract him. eventually he starts wailing like i've just ended his entire world and i call dad in to remove him from the bathtub entirely. when he got out, i sat there and prayed quietly for guidance and grace, hugged myself for not losing my mind, and got out of the tub.

*end dream sequence*

that's just one example of his latest meltdowns. but there are plenty...like the time *dreamy music again*

he was whining and as a way to hopefully make him laugh, i whined louder. he looked at me and then smacked me dead in the face as if to say, "we don't cry around here suckafoo. suck it up!"


and don't even get me started if he can't have the wireless mouse or keyboard that mommy is using. or the super hot flatiron mommy is using to straighten her hair. or her makeup brushes...brand new, might i add. or ANYTHING remotely NOT like his toys that he shouldn't be playing with. or anytime he's doing something unsafe and i'm just trying to save his life....


what do i do? i don't want to spank him. i remember being so hurt when my parents hit me. and there's that whole hypocrisy thing. [ex: we don't hit...*SMACK!*]...i tell him 'no' and he says "da!" right back. and he just doesn't get the time out thing yet...but when he's a bit older we are FOR SURE implementing that one. what do you mommy's out there in mommyland do? because this mommy is lost....heeeeeeeeeeeelp.

that was my cry for help.

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  1. As I'm six months ahead of you on the baby front...first, six months later this is still a struggle but getting easier. Second, as a fellow non spanker...we say 'no' and if he keeps doing it 'I said no Nathaniel' and if he keeps doing it we go to him and stop him, remove him and put him onto another project. Usually it takes A LOT of repetition, LIKE A LOT, but they eventually get it. It's hard to teach a toddler rules and boundaries. It's also helpful to let some things go...like things that are easy to clean up or aren't a huge deal. Like him throwing his diapers around, blocks everywhere or even fishes on the ground. As a kid they hear 'no' all day long and want to test boundaries. I will give you the annoying advice I got when this was starting with me 'It's a phase, he will grow out of it.' OH and the whining thing, ignore it, as soon as he figures out whining gets him attention he will keep on doing it and doing it and doing it and it will be harder to break him of it.


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