i don't mean to brag, but...

my kid is still sleeping and it's after 11am.

cheaaaaaa. awesome, right?

it'd be even MORE awesome if i could go in, take a picture, and snuggle with him.

but i can't. because i'm sick. still.


i'm taking the entire week off to get better. i need to be in perfect host mode on saturday for austin's seattle birthday party. and then there's that whole, "having-to-go-to-class-and-not-fail" thing. i feel like such a slacker not being in school but whatever i have is pretty contagious [considering i hardly kissed the hubs last week and wasn't near him very much and got his cooties!], pretty aggressive, but doesn't last long [he's only got the sniffles now]. 

but yes, back to my super cool kiddo. who is still sleeping. 

um. he RAWKS.

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