joy of love {day 9-12}

day nine:
passions and hobbies

about this photo:
this was a particularly hard photo for me to take. since most of my shots are taken indoors and at nighttime during the week [thanks school], shooting on manual is pretty hard. at least right now since i don't really have the hang of it yet. but anyway. my husband is a fitness GURU. i mean, the kid is obsessed. and he's just incredibly fit. this is what he does in his spare time. weird, right? but i love it about him.

day ten:
space- where they're comfortable

 about this photo:
this is our new couch. and this is my husband's "spot". he's such a lazy bum sometimes. lol

day eleven:

about this photo:
we were at the dealership for several hours and well past naptime..finally the kid conked out. i don't know much about what he dreams of or his future aspirations. and of course, i have dreams for him. but overall, i just want him to know that i support him in whatever he wants to do, wherever he wants to go. i want him to be happy, whatever his dreams may be. and i'll be his number one fan for life!!

day twelve:
the eyes

about this photo:
for the first few days, i didn't know what austin's eyes looked like because he never opened them for me. he looked at everyone else, but not me. *sniffle* but when he finally opened them, they were a deep blue color. i was shocked. and over time, they darkened up to this nice shade of brown. and they're so much like mine. normally, they look almost black...but when light hits them they're a nice rich brown color and i love that i captured that!

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