my funny valentine.

we don't really do valentine's day at my house. the first one we had together, charlie and i were separated by two thousand miles. the second one we had together was spent in awe over a four day old austin. so this one, i have to say i wasn't expecting much. 

i ended up not going to school early in the day and we went to sushi, just the two of us. it was fun...and definitely less stressful. for some reason, whenever we go there, austin has a mini meltdown. i shake my head. after lunch i went to class.

and i came home to this:

how many of you would be surprised to know that charlie has NEVER bought me flowers? lol not that i'm really butthurt over it or anything...flowers die. i prefer things that i can enjoy ykwim? but there's something about getting them that makes you feel extra special. 

and chocolate, peanut butter, and sour candies? um...WHOA! that's my favorite! this just proves that my husband knows me better than anyone. lol and he even made dinner too!

i lurve him. ♥ thanks babe.

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  1. Aww...how sweet of him. Maybe, he will make surprising like this a regular thing.


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