Thanks Pelvic Bone. And Google- for diagnosing me.

last night i couldn't sleep. we went to bed super duper early and i woke up [thanks stuffy nose] around 2am. and of course, the wheels in my head started churning. one of the things i've been constantly thinking about is how much my hips have been hurting. i'm talking MAJOR PAIN. and given my ridic high pain tolerance, i'm realizing this pain would cripple most people.

at my last OB appointment, i mentioned it to my doctor and he said that it was normal pregnancy pain. "just the body loosening up" but i'm like- hmm..this early? then he countered back with, "you didn't give your body enough of a chance to get back to normal"...which does make sense. but honestly, i wasn't having any other body issues pre-pregnancy and let's be real...austin was eight months old. it wasn't like i got knocked up six weeks post partum ya know what i mean?! but i took his diagnosis and stretches [which actually made the pain worse] and went on my merry little way.

fast forward to last night and the last few weeks...this pain is NOT normal. granted, i've never been pregnant a second time before and maybe this IS normal. but i have excruciating pain doing the SIMPLEST of tasks...[ie: putting on pants, laying down on my back, lifting one leg even two inches off the ground, etc]. so i finally broke out the iPhone and googled my symptoms.

oh trusty google...

and after reading up on what google thought i might have, i realized...BY GOLLY..GOOGLE IS DEAD ON!

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.  [wicked, right?]

or for the simple peeps, like me....there's an abnormal gap in your pelvic region and you're more than likely out of alignment. so when you're doing these normal, everyday activities there's pressure [that's normally there] that should be absorbed and balanced within your body...but it's not. you can read more about it HERE.

so now i'm seeking treatment. but get this: the treatments aren't covered by TRICARE so we need to fork out the money ourselves. schweet. i probably wouldn't even really seek out the help if it didn't have a chance of affecting my birth plan. see, if the gap is big enough or making my alignment way off, Bella would have a hard time getting through the birth canal...and therefore, emergency c-section. and that, is just NOT okay with me. it may be for some, but just not for me. the website linked above gave some tips on how to deal during delivery but i worry that my doctor won't let me labor and push in alternative ways.

*sigh* i'm all kinds of stressed out.

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but you could make me feel better.

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  1. For real, of all things NOT covered? That sounds kind of serious in a way. I mean, I can understand it not being as important as something to be covered but COME ON! I hope you can get help and not have to pay a ton. :( I totally understand the emergency c section, I don't ever want a c section either. I hope you feel better soon!


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