well, i hate you too lady.


i'm taking an acting fundamentals class here at school and i've actually been having a pretty good time with it. well last week, while i was dying on the couch from tuesday to friday, i obviously didn't make it to class. yet for some reason, my teachers thought i'd have a ton of time [and head space] to work on my assignments. well...i didn't. so there. but- the assignments are still due and that's that.

so today i have to present a two-minute scene acting out some moment in my life. it has to be two minutes long. cool. we were given a hand-out with a brief explanation of the assignment and told to use it and also email her if we have questions, but to mostly rely on the sheet. awesome. so i've done that. i've read through the sheet multiple times and i've emailed her. because i don't know if it's just me, but it's very vague. it details her example of things we need to have in the scene or questions we need to have answers to before we start, but it doesn't explain the HOW.

for example: [taken from paper handout]
to convince your classmates that you are alive with forward moving action for two minutes, that this has never happened before in spite of the preciseness and detail of your selections, is what you should aim for. if you can convincingly create two minutes on stage in which you exist as if you were alone at home, you will have succeeded.

okay. that's great. but HOW. as far as i know, we haven't been able to talk during our scenes and we've relied heavily on body language and facial expressions. so does that mean that i have to recreate two minutes of my life without talking? well, i was told that i can't mime anything. okay. what does THAT mean? granted, i'm not stupid..but i'm not an actor either. hence my taking acting. fundamentals.

i'm pretty sure she just hates me and can see that i have some acting potential and is trying to crush my spirit by setting me up to fail. right? right?

i'm too dramatic for my own good.

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  1. sounds like she wants you to be creative and do whatever, and she'll pass you as long as you look convinced. but yes teachers suck and she is probably a bitter hag because she is an unfulfilled actress that didnt' make it in theater and resents her students' talents ha ha


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