Awkward and Awesome Thursday with The Daybook!

~sniffing and having a booger get stuck on your nose ring.
~going out to Target in San Diego without showering and no makeup and getting hit on by the lesbian cashier.
~buying a new bathing suit and doing my hair and makeup for the beach and then having to wear a sweatshirt and jeans the whole time because it was overcast.
~going to sushi with my dad and sisters [and hubs and toddler] and having a really high bill because we didn't know dad had ordered for the whole table.
~leaving said sushi restaurant with five boxes of leftover sushi.
~drinking water and it dribbling all down the front of you....in front of a ton of people. 
~hearing someone say that Japan shouldn't have bombed Pearl Harbor...that's not awkward, that's just mean.
~contractions at SeaWorld. pretty sure everyone thought i was going into labor.

~vacation. 'nuff said.
~taking awesome pictures in this awesome weather. it's inspiring.
~sleeping in...until 8am...but still!
~Shamu's show at Seaworld. whales rock my face.
~heating the pool all day and getting in at the end of the day when it feels like a hot tub.
~figuring out how to make a banner in photoshop. all on my own.
~unintentionally getting a tan and looking less translucent and more brown.
~the really awesome caricature we had done of austin at SeaWorld...i mean it looks amazing!

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  1. I'm jealous! I want to join you haha. P.s. I LOVEEE the bottom picture of you! =]


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