Awkward and Awesome...

~pus leaking from your my lip ring...out in public. i know it's the healing process, but still.
~sitting all alone in the computer lab [so i think] and silently "perfuming" the area with the smell of my intestines...only to realize there's a guy behind me the entire time. and he's walking through it.
~talking on the phone while pulling out of a parking spot and having some guy try to scold me through my open window as i drive by. "leave me alone, jerkface."
~standing up and realizing the back of your shirt doesn't cover your flab rolls. thanks expanding uterus!
~fake friends. it's not awkward, it's just annoying.

~finding chord progressions to some of my favorite songs for my recital.
~walking through the hospital holding my chub's hand as he walks next to me. toddlerhood is fun!
~realizing i only have five weeks left of school
~ the projectile vomit my girl Brandi had on the drive home from the airport. seriously...it was epic.
~finding usage for the word EPIC. {winning!}
~and how appropriate that charlie sheen phrase has become for everyday life!
~calling people out. i'm not a 'mean girl', but i have a zero-bullcrap tolerance these days.
~reaching the last stretch of this pregnancy. 10 wks...give or take.

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thank youuuz!


  1. You're awesome - haha. And so cute in your pic. Stay you!

  2. Like, I lurve you and all, BUT, you don't need to be telling the world how I upchucked. kthxbai!


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