i know you're just dying to get to know me in this manner.

so no one tagged me or suggested i do it, but i'm going to. in hopes that maybe someone will like me one day. lol i think i've got severely lazy handwriting. BUT i'm really anal about it. if it's not what i want it to look like, i have to start over. even if it's done in pencil. nope- erasing it isn't good enough. i NEED a new page. lol but for this, i just wrote and tried to not care too much. i also can't use a pen if it doesn't have the top that goes with it. and i don't like pens that just click. ew.

i also doodle. like ALL THE TIME. i can't help it. when i was little, i used to fill entire sheets of paper with my signature...because i was gonna be famous...and lots of doodles. i've recently started trying to perfect those stars you see in the top right corner. ugh. maybe THIS is why i have a hard time focusing in class...

so without further ado...my handwriting. questions are written below.

1. write your name and your blog title
2. write your blog url
3. write "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog!"
4. write your favorite quote
5. write your favorite song
6. write your favorite bands/artists
7. write anything
8. tag someone else to do this

fun right?! now YOU do it. do it do it do it!

and while you're at it.....
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  1. umm is that your son? I just stubmled upon your blog and I am in love!! haha oh and I love your quote..I will be doing this!! I am also your newest follower :O)



  2. So funny - when I went to write mine I almost tagged you! You beat me to the punch!

  3. I like your handwriting. & My current favorite song as well... ((tagging myself))

  4. I'm totally doing this! Your handwriting's cute!


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