the last few days...

my poor snuggly chub has been battling a runny nose and an ever worsening cough this week. in a final moment on mommy panic, i just decided to take him to the pediatrician. at first his cough was dry and sporadic and his snot was pretty clear. but then today, his cough got super wet sounding and his snot was more white.

well, after almost 14 months of having a kick ass immune system [you're welcome, chub.] he finally has his first ear infection. the doc took one look into his left ear was like, "oh yeah. ear infection". and i guess he has a sore throat too. but wouldn't you after hacking for two days straight? chyeaaa.

so we've been taking it easy the last few days. he's been such a cuddle bug. and i'm soaking in every moment because he is SO a daddy's boy lately. he hardly ever wants me. but right now- mama can do no wrong! *fistpump*

BUT- you have no idea how gut-wrenching this has all been for me. or maybe you do. i'd give ANYTHING to take this from him and have it for myself...there's no helpless feeling that compares to watching your kiddo deal with any illness and know that you can't really do anything other than try to make them comfortable.

**ps. and yes i totally let the snot run down his face for picture-sake. hehe. i suck, huh?

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  1. Poor little guy ear infections suck.. hoping he gets better real quick BUT keeps the snuggly with mom thing going.

  2. Aww..hope he feels better soon. Ear infections are tough. Moo has had three since she turned one. Hoping that we have passed that stage.


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