screw the mom stereo-type...

so i got my lip pierced today. it took all of two seconds and didn't hurt a bit! LOTS of fun.
i can't wait until it heals so i can change the jewelry. i like this one, but i'd like 
a smaller diamond.

yah for body mods. 

i ♥ ink and metal.


  1. I'm not much into piercings anymore. but I did get my tongue pierced when I was 18. My mom freaked, so I took it out. Ha ha!

  2. my mom HATES my piercings and tattoos. lol my sister just got her belly ring yesterday and she told her today that it was beautiful and she refused to even acknowledge mine. lol i was like, "MOOOOOOM!"

  3. I'm super jelly! I've wanted another piercing so bad. It looks good on you. I am all about tattoos and piercings....screw the june cleaver stereo type. I'm taking Roseann to another level! :)


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