so i had a photoshoot yesterday...

and i had a great time! my model [and pretty awesome friend KeAnna] and her husband and daughter were  just too much fun to shoot! [with my camera..guns scare me.] I spent like 5 hours over at their house and in between clicking and readjusting and clicking some more...we were laughing our butts off and talking about military life and balancing everything as a mom and all that jazz. SERIOUSLY- it was such a good time.

quote of the day HAD to be: "porn is art" courtesy of KeAnna's husband, Preston. this was said while i was standing in their bed over them, while they were half-naked and embracing. TALK.ABOUT. AKWY. lol

in any case. i'd like some feedback. here are some of my favorite shots from the day. i'd like some snapping critiques and also some editing critiques. i did all the editing in lightroom and, for the most part, opted for what i call a "soft edit". we took the pictures in their house using the natural lighting from outside. sometimes it was awesome and sometimes i stood in the way of it...lol so anyway. enjoooooooy.

[and don't worry about being nice. i'm trying to get better, not getting nice comments. lol]

sooo...what do you think?

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  1. GORGEOUS! What a perfect bump. Jealous! Can't wait (OK I can) for my next baby. Congrats again!

  2. Oh that's not me! lol. I'm pregnant, yes. But I was the photographer. lol.


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