Twenty Nine weeks down...we're in the home stretch!

*i apologize if it's super bright. i'm trying to figure out PS*

How far along: Twenty Nine weeks and Six Days
Total weight gain: from starting weight, +8lbs
Maternity clothes: all maternity pants with a few bigger tops thrown in.
Stretch Marks: nothing new to report. I'm hoping it stays that way...yep yep.
Sleep: I fell asleep twice sitting straight up today. Third trimester exhaustion has hit!
Best moment this week: starting the week in california
Worst moment this week: having to come back to washington!
Movement: She's a crazy mover. I don't know what she's doing in there, but sometimes it feels like she's coming out  through my belly button.
Cravings: jamba juice, fruits/veggies, chocolate/peanut butter
Baby's size in food terms: SQUASH!
Belly Button: popage for sure! today Charlie asked where it was because my belly was so stretched out
Gender: a sweet little girl!
What I miss: being able to move without pain
What I am looking forward to: finishing school....so i can focus on the baby stuff
Labor Signs: more frequent BH contrax, lots of pressure, exhaustion, nesting
Weekly Wisdom: all baby really needs is you.

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  1. I'm jealous..only 8lbs haha. I've gained like 17 so far (not counting this month - go in friday to see) =/. JEALOUS haha. =] I can't believe how close we are both getting. CRAZY.


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