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as most of you know, if you read Mommyhood on the regular, i've had quite a few complications in these last few weeks. after my epic fall, we realized that i'm at risk for preterm labor with bella. i'm officially 32w1d as of today and getting closer to the "safe zone" as each day passes. and while i'm sitting here worrying about my little girl, i can't help but feel a tiny bit selfish.

my friend, kaili, announced a few weeks ago that she was pregnant with her second little boy, Makai. i'm really excited for her. she has the cutest little boy already who is four years old and i was excited for her to have more babies! well, makai was born early. at 26w2d, he was delivered via emergency c-section and has been in the nicu ever since.

you can read about his story here at their caringbridge website.

it just breaks my heart. i didn't know that her first son was born early too. her and her family are incredibly strong and looking at pictures of makai just send me into a hormonal crying fit. it's not fair. but thanks to increases in technology and other amazing programs such as the march of dimes, preemie babies have a chance.

i don't know if anyone knows this, but i was born early as well. and i'm proof that babies can survive and thrive and live healthy lives! i couldn't imagine what it'd be like dealing with all of that. my little bella is trying to make an appearance far too early, and i hope she doesn't. but part of me is saying, if these little babies [born under a pound] can make it and thrive, surely this little girl can. she's strong. i can already tell.

i'm sending up lots and lots of prayer and love to kaili and her family. and i'm totally cheering on baby makai! i can't wait to hear his success story down the road!

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  1. Aww..keeping Baby Makai and Bella in my prayers. I'm telling you that pregnancy is so unpredictable. I have been on bedrest myself. However, all the complications we go through is worth it when we see our little miracles.

  2. I was born early too; 3 months actually. So you and Bella are in my thoughts!! I hope she stays in there but at least if she comes early, technology is amazing these days and I know they would take good care of her so she can be healthy. Hang in there! Let me know if you need anything!!


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