show off your shot. and a day late with words.

[show off your shot]
[linking up to over at and then she {snapped}. i took this picture of austin at the park this week and i just love it. he's been making this face lately and i've been trying to capture it. i was giddy when i actually got it!! love my little booger.

and then, she {snapped}

[wordless wednesday- but with words]

i hate that i'm the one behind the camera all of the time. it's like pulling teeth to get my husband to snap a few shots. which is hilarious because he's always asking me to take pictures of him. sucka...
i cherish all the photos of me and the kids because there aren't very many. 
and when austin is a terror, they help remind me that he's still my super sweet kiddo 
who is just having a rough time.

and then, she {snapped}


  1. these are great! I have a little crush on Austin. : )

  2. thanks!!! i'll tell him you want to be his giiiiiiiiirlfriend. lol i'm so immature!!


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