Step, steppin out.

dress: F21 | tank: motherhood | shoes: payless | earrings: F21

i went to church today with just the kiddos..BY. MY. SELF. omgah.  lol
so i was super casual. i was wearing a jean jacket, but forgot to put it on for the picture.

and let me just say, this picture is sooo not flattering. but this outfit looked a LOT better in person. 
trust me.

and question: how do you ladies take selfies of your outfits? because right now i'm relying on the hubs and he hates taking pictures of me soooooo i need a way.

Momma Go Round


  1. you're so pretty! and i love your new hair cut!

  2. THANKS!! I thought about you when I was deciding because you totally ROCK short hair!

  3. tri-pod and remote {although i NEVER post any because i HATE them all} lol

  4. I use a 10 second timer, put my camera on the fireplace and run to the other side of the room, aaaannnnddd pose! :P Some of them are AWFUL, & it takes a while, but my other half HATES taking my phots too (plus he's pretty pants, most of them are close-ups of my knees or face :/)

  5. I have no clue why you think this pic is not flattering. I mean seriously you look like you were never even preggers. And as far as talking self pics, I would say the best way to so is using the timing feature if your camera has one. Set it on a counter or fireplace mantel then stand back far enough for it get a full body shot.


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